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Creative Relaxation Rituals for Children: Ten Guided Practices for Calm Kids (Digital Download)

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Digital Download (14 pages) 

These are some of my favorite ways to creatively introduce mindfulness and relaxation to children in classrooms, movement studios and at home. This booklet includes ten stand-alone guided relaxations with directions for setting up, scripts, pictures and prop/music suggestions. 

The practices are primarily designed for children ages 4-10, but can be modified and enjoyed by classes younger and older. Spend anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes on each relaxation. They work well as brain breaks, book-ending the day (beginning or ending), smoothing chaotic transitions between activities, and of course, as rituals before rest or bedtime.

Review by User ML: As someone who WANTS to include relaxation practice for the children in my home setting/classroom, I don't always know what to say, so I love the paragraphs that I can read word for word from this packet. Very user friendly and versatile to use at home and school. Wish this was a part of every elementary curriculum!

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