Weekly Summer Creative Dance Classes

For kids ages 4-10 or the whole family! Explore elements of dance and self-expression through imaginative weekly themed classes (see schedule below).

Classes meet on Zoom on Tuesdays, June 30-August 4 Six Weeks 

12:30-1PM Eastern (11:30 Central/10:30 Mountain/9:30 Pacific)

Cost (per household): $55 (Venmo to @Elly-Lovin) Sign up with a friend and both parties receive $10 off their registration!)

To enhance your virtual classes, order a curated Dance at Home Kit with some of Elly's favorite reusable dance props to enhance your camp experience and enjoy endless imaginative play through movement. Each kit comes in a muslin drawstring bag and contains ribbons, a dance scarf, pom-poms, egg shaker, bean bag, spot markers, stretch band, and a dance card suggesting ideas for enjoying each prop. Colors and patterns vary; not intended for children under the age of 3. $25 per kit when registering for camp, includes shipping to US addresses.


Enter your name and the email address where you'll receive Zoom class links before each class. 

In the message section, let me know the ages of your child(ren) and how many family members will be dancing. If you are signing up with a friend to receive the discounted price, reference each other's names when you register.

Please note if you are adding a Dance-at-Home Kit to your purchase, include the name/address to which it should ship!

A registration confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of camp payment via Venmo, $55 for one household/$45 signing up with a buddy (Add $25 per Dance at Home Kit) Venmo @Elly-Lovin

By clicking "Send Message" and registering for class, I, as the legal guardian of any children participating in online dance instruction, take full responsibility for their safety and well-being during class. As with any physical activity, there is the potential for injury. We are choosing to participate at our own risk. I will monitor my child's safety throughout class. I release Elly Lovin from any liability and do not hold her responsible for any injuries sustained while participating in online dance classes.

Weekly Class Themes 

Each class will be centered around a theme that will provide an imaginative framework for our warmup, skill-building, dance-making, and relaxation. Feel free to dress up in any way you'd like to interpret the themes! 

Tuesday, June 30: Color Dances

Tuesday, July 7: Night at the Museum

Tuesday, July 14: Enchanted Garden

Tuesday, July 21: Out of This World (The Sky & Space)

Tuesday, July 28: Unicorns & Dragons

Tuesday, August 4: Super Powered Dance


My class was always thrilled for our “dance” days!  My students learned how to move their bodies in creative ways.  After Elly’s classes, my k students reported feeling “relaxed and calm and happy!’”  We quickly incorporated the variety of ways that she taught the children to move their bodies into our transitions and movement throughout our classroom on a daily basis! My students demonstrated an  increased awareness of moving their bodies in the classroom and managed these movements successfully and had a greater awareness of their personal space and the personal space of others!  Elly’s lessons were always child-centered, fun,  focused, and engaging!  ---Kindergarten teacher, Maine

During our time dancing with  Elly, my students grew in their body awareness and in their connection with their peers. They learned to be careful listeners and observers. The language and vocabulary that she introduced were easily transferred into the classroom. We were able to use the lessons and skills taught by Elly as mindful movement opportunities during the week. ---Kindergarten teacher, Maine

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